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About TREG

Top Real Estate Group (TREG) is a leading real estate development and private investment family office with real estate development projects across the entire Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Canada, USA, Turkey, and the UK.

We are an industry-leading company specializing in the management of real estate portfolios and are dedicated to maximizing returns for investors, employing a sophisticated approach that encompasses comprehensive deal origination, strategic property acquisition and expert asset management. By leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and commitment to excellence, we work to ensure our investors’ portfolios consistently outperform market benchmarks, offering a stable and profitable avenue for wealth generation in the dynamic world of real estate.

The TREG Difference

A full-service asset management company that handles all aspects of real estate development including:

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Residential Development

Starting from the transformation of undeveloped land and progressing through the construction of expansive, meticulously planned communities and high-rise residential towers, individuals possessing the expertise to navigate every phase of the development process can generate value along the entire development continuum.

Mixed Use Properties - TREG Capital

Mixed-Use Development

Integrated seamlessly into urban landscapes, mixed-use developments redefine city living by combining residential, commercial, and recreational spaces within a single project. From stylish apartments to vibrant retail hubs, these developments offer a dynamic and interconnected environment, fostering a diverse and vibrant community.

Land Development - TREG Capital

Land Development

The availability of developable land that is restricted by both geographical and legal factors, residential land development can yield substantial value by strategically acquiring land and navigating it through the municipal planning approval process.

The TREGApproach

Land Acquisition
On behalf of our investors, we engage in the collective acquisition of properties for large-scale development, partnering closely with esteemed developers who assume responsibility for project execution. Each chosen opportunity adheres strictly to the most stringent underwriting parameters.
TREG Approcach - Execute
Project Execution
As hands-on co-managers overseeing our projects, we closely collaborate with partners from acquisition through completion. This ongoing involvement positions us to consistently evaluate opportunities that have the potential to yield strong risk-adjusted returns.
TREG Approach - Exit
Invested capital and associated profits are disbursed to our investors upon the culmination of the investment. Our exit strategies, shaped by the initial business plan and current market dynamics, may involve achieving property zoning completion, finalizing residential development, stabilizing and subsequently selling commercial or multi-family assets, and, when advantageous for our investors, entertaining early project exits.

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